Best of Hawaii: itinerary ideas for the traveler

This article is designed to help you choose which Hawaiian Islands to visit if You have a certain activity in mind. Granted, it would not be an extension to say that all six major Hawaiian islands have all these activities in one form. We used a combination of public opinion, personal research and experience to […]

Traveler's guide to Salzburg locations

You may be surprised to know that you are already familiar with some of the attractions that Salzburg, Austria has to offer. This stunning city, with countless churches and Renaissance castles, is featured in the film sound of Music. Located in the foothills of the Alps, Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria. The […]

Be a good traveling career

Every job you have at all is part of your career journey, and you should be traveling on that journey and not a tourist. Daniel Bosten, historian and librarian of Congress, noted: "The traveler was active; he went strongly in search of people, adventure and experience. The tourist was negative; he expected interesting things to […]

Quiet setting for the weary traveler

Located in 185 N. Pioneer in Ashland, DeLaunay House is a beautifully crafted 1909-style house Only blocks from downtown Ashland and the historic railway area. The cozy and attractive suites have innovative and spiritual names to reflect the joy and spiritual process of the operator owner Deborah Delaunay. Peace Pilgrim, Peace Mountain, Zen Cottage and […]

Myanmar Magical Traveler

The stunning wonders of the world await in time-distorting Myanmar. This ancient corner was forgotten in Southeast Asia, formerly known as Burma, which focuses on Buddhist pagoda and monasteries decorated with maroon-clad monks and gentle nuns in pink. There are still artisan villages driven by bulls and horses, and there are indeed warm and welcoming […]

Healthy Traveler – Stay fit on the road

Traveling for business or vacation can be a quick change in speed from daily grinding. Changing the scene can be energized. But, what do you do when your daily exercise routine is interrupted? Do you simply have to deal with your health fitness program and balanced eating in the back seat or is it possible […]