Beware dear Solo travelers

There are now gazillion tour companies floating around the world wide web. Most travelers want to get to the lowest possible price and go directly to "" before narrowing their dreamy bucket list destination! This could lead to disaster or at least waste your time and money in a place that will frustrate you. Let's say a friend encourages you to visit Nepal. You are ignorant, but you are Google tour operators. More than 1200 appear. You can choose "Yak on a Budget Travel", because they are cheap dirt and send them a deposit from PayPal. After five months, no one will meet you at the airport upon arrival. Outside, Kathmandu is attacking your senses, but you can drive by taxi to your two-star hotel on the edge of a hostel. No breakfast, bad bed. Your clues are subpar with thick accents. You get half day tours daily instead of full days as promised in trucks without air conditioning. On every popular site, the guide says, "I need money now for the entry fee." The story lasts for 8 long days of frustration as you watch other tour groups delight in the luxury car coaches and head to the front lines to get the best points of excellence.

A nice dear reminder to travel – do your research on the credentials of tour operators first! Choose one with a proven track record of reliability. How? Carefully read their company profile. Is the owner company or is it provided by a travel agent who does not wish to bear the expenses or responsibility for being the manager? Is it a cheesy website with blocks of blocks to cut and paste in your contact details, looking like something designed by a teenager? Be very careful if the photos are inserted instead of the real people who have already traveled with this company.

Ask how long the tour operator was at work. A year or less, I was running. Are they fully licensed and enslaved? Do they have an IATA license and other credentials? Any reports to Better Business Bureau are a huge red mark. Search for reviews on Google. If an emergency occurs, does the company have insurance to protect you? We understand that countless tour operators go out every year. What protection do you have if I paid the entire price of the trip and closed the shop a week before you left?

Consider companies that have successfully sent groups around the world for a long time. Look for frequent travelers. Check out their website to feel the passion and integrity that comes from their information. Note that they use non-stock images depicting real people on their travels. Take a look at hundreds of happy testimonials, each one honest and trustworthy. Invest time to find someone to book with. Look for a company that offers what you promised. After all, it is your investment in an exciting adventure that will give you memories forever.

Source by Suzy Davis