4 types of transportation for travelers to Paris


Traveling in a new place is usually not an easy task. It would be better for you to use your travel time more efficiently if you could understand more transportation to your destination. This article introduces four types of transportation facilities in Paris that give travelers a more in-depth understanding of the transportation services in Paris.

1. Metro and RER

The metro is the metro in the city while RER (Reseau Express Regional) is the rural rail. The subway service in Paris started in the year 1900. To date, there are 13 subway routes and 4 routes for the RER line with a total of 367 stations covering most of Paris. So, if you can get used to the subway systems in Paris, then it will be easy for you to move around without any difficulties. The city's ticket fair is 7 Frs. For one trip (pallet). The carnet ticket brochure is downloaded 41 Frs. Besides, there is Paris-Visite Billet which is specially designed for tourists. It is a subway, RER and bus pass for a predetermined period of time. If you are staying in Paris for a longer period of time, you can choose to use the monthly ticket or the weekly ticket until you take the subway, RER and bus whenever you want. Please remember that you must take a personal photo (27 mm x 30 mm) with you when applying the time ticket at the station (guichet). Additionally, be aware that the actual period of the monthly ticket is fixed from the first day to the last day of the month, as well as from Monday to Sunday for the weekly ticket. Therefore, you must depend on the date on which you buy a fixed-term ticket and the actual period remains in effect.

2. Taxi

Taxi is the most convenient mode of transportation where you can take it anywhere. It is usually easier to get a taxi at a taxi station (Tete de Taxi) on the main streets, hotel or stations. Most taxi drivers are very familiar with the streets, and they can take you to your destination as long as you can clearly mention your address. Please note that the front seat is not intended for passengers, and that a single taxi can accommodate 3 passengers in principle.

3. Public bus

Most Paris residents like to take the public bus, but it seems very difficult for tourists because they may not recognize the place to take off. However, you can enjoy street views on bus rides while the metro cannot be served. Please note that you should purchase the ticket instead of just placing coins in it. If you do not have a ticket, you must inform the driver of your destination, buy the ticket and place it in the ticket cutter. In fact, you can use the metro ticket to ride a bus. You can only display the specified metro ticket at the appointed time for the driver and can start and take off at any station you like. There is no station broadcasting service inside the bus and you have to ring the bell in advance before taking off. Therefore, it is suggested to take the bus route map as an information at the metro station, and to know the name of the bus station for your destination before you take the bus.

4. Tourist ferry (Bateaux-Paris-Ins)

The departure pier is located in Pont d & # 39; Iena, near the Eiffel Tower. Tour services can be divided as with and without serving a meal. One trip without meal provided is about 45 Frs. Service hours are from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM in summer time (departs every 30 minutes) while 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM in winter (departs every hour). The duration of the submitted flight is approximately 300 Frs, and departs at 12:30, while the provided flight is approximately 550 Frs. It departs at 20:30. Traveler must pre-book the meal provided with the cruise service and uniforms during the flight.


Source by Sammy Ho