Frugal Travel Tips for Prague

Prague is a favorite destination for many backpackers. Youth culture gives the city vitality and abundant frugal travel packages.

Prague Card

Most European cities offer a city card that gives a reasonable fee to travelers discounts on the traveler and free entry to tourist attractions. In Prague, this city card is a very good deal. For SEK 740, travelers can enter for free access to more than 50 tourist attractions including those in Prague Castle. For 220 CZK, travelers can get an unlimited 3-day pass.

Prague card can be purchased at the airport, tourist information kiosks and some hotels.

Royal Road

Royal Route is a picturesque winding street that leads from the gates of the old city to Prague Castle. The dock is clearly marked with a silver arrow (silver line). Along the way, there are landmarks like House of The Black Madonna, Old Town Square (with its magnificent astronomical clock) and Charles Bridge.

Note: There are quaint shops although expensive stores line the Royal Road. For inexpensive souvenirs, one of the many markets will be a better choice. For a classic Prague memorial experience, the famous bohemian crystal, try stores as far away from the touristy Old Town as possible.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is a beautiful pedestrian bridge and is one of the city's most photographed attractions. The bridge comes to life at dusk, lined with businessmen, artists, and musicians.

Change the guard

There is an entrance fee to enter Prague Castle, but watch for the changing of the guards is free. The guards change every hour (this attraction can be crowded so try to see it early in the day). Once a day at noon, there is a larger symptom. Unlike guards in other castles, travelers can stand by these royal guards for opportunities to take great photos.

Saving money on these experiences will allow the frugal traveler to splurge on Prague Castle but not to miss and purchase luxury Crystal Bohemian and other glassworks.

Source by Kimber Chin

Advantages of prepaid SIM cards on contracted devices for travelers

A mobile phone contract can force you to pay for an enormous amount of fees while you travel. When you want to travel to foreign lands, it is wise to save as much money as possible. A prepaid SIM card can help you save money so you have more to spend on your trip. One of these SIM cards can be obtained for almost any mobile phone. People on the go in different countries don't realize this option and end up spending a lot of money on roaming charges. Having a prepaid mobile phone can cancel the monthly contract costs and all the additional fees that come with it.

The first problem that a traveler faces when in another country is reception on his cell phones. Some phones only work in some countries or regions in a country. This limits a person's option to communicate while traveling. A business trip executive may have trouble communicating with potential partners or clients. The prepaid SIM card gives you the ability to transfer your contact information to a new device. If the mobile phone you are using does not work, you can add a prepaid SIM card to another phone for it to work. This is the perfect solution to your phone's failure dilemma.

Prepaid cell phones also come with a feature that allows you to choose how much you spend. Instead of worrying about collecting a huge bill, you can manage the number of minutes and how much data you consume. Prepaid cards are available in most cities so you can easily add more minutes and data to your plan. You also have the option to add minutes or data directly from your mobile phone or online whenever you need to re-download.

Understand the terms of every phone you buy. Prepaid devices sometimes have certain terms and conditions that you may violate without knowing. Before you go on a trip, make sure your number will be valid for the duration of your vacation. Some phones become invalid after a certain period of days. It is always a good idea to check the coverage area provided by the carrier.

Secure your SIM card in a safe place at all times. There are risks associated with carrying a card that includes your contact information. If the card is lost or stolen, someone else will have access to the information on the device. Store your SIM card in a safe place to prevent it being lost or stolen. The last thing you need during the trip is to lose your SIM.

Source by Thomas Galvin

Good airport shuttle service features

Passengers are highly preferred to and from the airport at the moment due to the comfort that is ensured by this means of transportation. With the many benefits that can be achieved, it must be emphasized that you will get the most out of your deal.

Airport transfers should not be good enough to send and transport travelers to and from the airport and their destinations. Carriage must also be of a quality that allows travelers to consume a fair reward for what they have paid. In this case, the service provider for this transfer should be responsible for ensuring that. The services must satisfy the traveler company and not be limited to being transportation facilities.

The service should enhance the presence of a welcoming traveler. The receptionist must feel throughout the transportation. The driver in the first place should be friendly and suitable for travelers. In situations such as when tourists are not familiar with the use of the language, the driver should know how to use the international language. In this way, the smooth flow of communications can be ensured, which is very important, throughout the flight. On the other hand, even if the goal is to foster a friendly atmosphere, the driver must still be aware of his actions that do not go beyond restrictions and diminish respect.

The car that will be used for airport transportation is also important. The requirement regarding the technical aspects must be secured in order to obtain a safe and comfortable journey. The service provider must check whether the engines are in good condition and whether the flight can accommodate the number of passengers. For example, a taxi or a small car is only recommended for a small number of travelers because it cannot accommodate large numbers of passengers. On a trip with many escorts, vehicles with wide distances will be suitable or either depends on the number of seats required, and it certainly should not be a taxi or a minivan.

The airport transportation service provider must be legally accredited by the competent authorities. This is to avoid scams and travel threats. This is also for the sake of a piece of your mind. You can search for a reliable service provider in many ways such as over the Internet but make sure you are dealing with the right provider.

For more prudent spending, find a service provider that provides a good price that suits your budget. There are those who offer incentives and bonuses when making use of airport transfers. There are also those that are already included in your total travel expense. Nevertheless, you can still get convenient and practical transportation that is not suitable for your budget problems.

If you are planning a flight and are considering transferring from the airport, you must take into account everything that was said to you to properly and wisely consume your salary.

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Hotels in London, England – the best place to stay

London, the capital of England, is the most urban area of ​​the United Kingdom. It is one of the world's leading financial, trade and cultural centers and contributes to becoming a major global city. It houses four major world heritage sites and one of the major developed regions of the world. Not only that, but London is one of the major tourist destinations in the world due to its many tours, parks, gardens, palaces and world-famous towers. Due to all these attractions, hotels in London, England are well established to provide comfortable accommodations for tourists with many facilities and amenities.

There is no doubt that London is a developed city and attracts tourists from all over the world. In order to provide accommodation for tourists, there is an extensive network of hotels ranging from five-star hotels to cheap London hotels, to suit the taste and budget of every traveler. Luxury cannot be described to traveling in star hotels in London, England. Immediate service and warm hospitality give the hotel staff a sense of home comfort to their visitors.

Visitors to London can easily reach many London airport hotels, which are near the airport. Most of these hotels include a beautiful garden and restaurants, where visitors can enjoy many types of English and international dishes. The range of facilities offered in such hotels is excellent. It covers a wide range of network like restaurant, bar and soundproofed rooms. Spa, sauna, swimming pool, etc. make up a long list. There are many hotels around tourist attractions that add fun to your trip. Travelers can find a hotel on the London Hotels map, which gives you the full range of London hotels and their locations.

This London map of hotels provides ease for travelers to make a priori decision about hotel accommodation and many sightseeing sights. All of these decisions can be made according to one's needs. A traveler visiting London to explore the city can go to some cheap hotels or star hotels based on their affordability or close to the places they explore. The business traveler can search for the convenience of other members or for the various conference and conference room facilities available.

The property can be booked online through several agencies, making arrangements for tourists, who may be busy exploring the city's sights. This online reservation website has helped travelers make arrangements in advance for them to save them from the crowds and enjoy their journey.

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Essential advice for female travelers

Traveling alone can be a major challenge for the toughest women. Scary ideas fueled by media stereotypes can put the best travel destinations in the back burner for most women. In this article you will learn how to effectively protect yourself and your possessions in a foreign land while enjoying all the strange landmarks and sounds.

Choose your clothes carefully

Your clothes can reflect your personality as well as your luggage. Try to decorate yourself with a simple outfit, especially if you are visiting a backward country. Avoid wearing brands as it attracts most thieves. Moreover, some cultures may not agree to revealing clothes. Before setting out, do some research to check how the locals wear. Buy similar clothes to mix them with. Don't stand out and you'll be safe from most scammers.

Avoid talking to suspicious people

Since you are in a foreign land, everyone will be strange. You should try to avoid men and women more suspiciously and suspiciously cute. Keep everyone on arm and don't trust anyone until you have the opportunity to monitor this. While traveling, you will have to deal with dangerous situations when you are at risk. Be careful of your surroundings and avoid large crowds or empty alleys in late hours. It is best to remove any jewelry and hide the valuables before going outside. You can also take up a weapon to protect yourself and have at least a flame to help in the dark. Hide some cash in your shoes or socks just in case.

Take your medication along

If you are on prescription, take your needed medications along the way and avoid the hassle of searching for them in a foreign country. You may also want to be vaccinated before departure to avoid viral infections.

With these tips in mind, you can now prepare for the next trip with confidence and make travel an enjoyable experience.

Source by Lee Jen Huei

Budget travel tips for Zurich

Visiting Zurich, the beautiful city of Switzerland, is the dream of every tourist. Aside from being beautiful, Zurich is also the most expensive city in the world. The city has been described as the most expensive city in the world by readers of the popular magazine, The Economist. This means that only the rich can visit this amazing destination. After all, is Zurich also ready to welcome budget-conscious travelers? Ask a budget traveler who was already in Zurich. And now the response comes! The city accommodates budget travelers as much as it is for wealthy tourists.

If you are a traveler planning to visit Zurich with a limited budget, just go ahead and book your trips to Zurich now. This gorgeous city has tons of surprises and countless attractions for those who want to enjoy everything shown here, but they don't spend much on your travel. Some tips would be useful for those who are on a budget to travel to Zurich.

The first priority for an economical traveler is to obtain affordable housing. Obviously, the biggest concern is getting a cheap place to stay, which can sometimes be difficult to get. It is always wise to book your hotel room once you plan your vacation. If you want to save a lot on your place of residence and spend the amount later on other recreational activities here, try booking a residence in the hostel. These are cheap and don't cost much. Some good budget options here include H.I. Inn, Longstreet Hotel, Biber Hotel and City Backpacker. These accommodations specifically focus on backpackers and are clearly best for them.

Another major concern for those traveling on a budget is how to save on food costs. Restaurants may be expensive here. Try to provide as much food as possible. Some tourists spend a lot on buying bottled water throughout their stay. There are 1,224 public fountains in the city, which have better water quality than bottled water. So, you can save by getting free water from these fountains.

Another major inconvenience for city-wide transportation is budget travel. If you want to explore the city on your own, it is a good idea to rent a bike for free. These bikes are available in front of the main train station throughout the year in Zuri Rolt, or in various locations around the city in the summer. If you are willing to pay a small amount as a deposit, you can also rent an e-bike. When traveling with children, you can even rent children's bikes or adult bicycles in child seats.

Investing in a 24-hour or 72-hour Zurich card is also a good idea for free entry to most of the international museums in Zurich, getting discounts in shops, free rides in all boats, hanging trains, buses, trains and trams in Zurich.

Source by Jhonson Peterson

Beware dear Solo travelers

There are now gazillion tour companies floating around the world wide web. Most travelers want to get to the lowest possible price and go directly to "" before narrowing their dreamy bucket list destination! This could lead to disaster or at least waste your time and money in a place that will frustrate you. Let's say a friend encourages you to visit Nepal. You are ignorant, but you are Google tour operators. More than 1200 appear. You can choose "Yak on a Budget Travel", because they are cheap dirt and send them a deposit from PayPal. After five months, no one will meet you at the airport upon arrival. Outside, Kathmandu is attacking your senses, but you can drive by taxi to your two-star hotel on the edge of a hostel. No breakfast, bad bed. Your clues are subpar with thick accents. You get half day tours daily instead of full days as promised in trucks without air conditioning. On every popular site, the guide says, "I need money now for the entry fee." The story lasts for 8 long days of frustration as you watch other tour groups delight in the luxury car coaches and head to the front lines to get the best points of excellence.

A nice dear reminder to travel – do your research on the credentials of tour operators first! Choose one with a proven track record of reliability. How? Carefully read their company profile. Is the owner company or is it provided by a travel agent who does not wish to bear the expenses or responsibility for being the manager? Is it a cheesy website with blocks of blocks to cut and paste in your contact details, looking like something designed by a teenager? Be very careful if the photos are inserted instead of the real people who have already traveled with this company.

Ask how long the tour operator was at work. A year or less, I was running. Are they fully licensed and enslaved? Do they have an IATA license and other credentials? Any reports to Better Business Bureau are a huge red mark. Search for reviews on Google. If an emergency occurs, does the company have insurance to protect you? We understand that countless tour operators go out every year. What protection do you have if I paid the entire price of the trip and closed the shop a week before you left?

Consider companies that have successfully sent groups around the world for a long time. Look for frequent travelers. Check out their website to feel the passion and integrity that comes from their information. Note that they use non-stock images depicting real people on their travels. Take a look at hundreds of happy testimonials, each one honest and trustworthy. Invest time to find someone to book with. Look for a company that offers what you promised. After all, it is your investment in an exciting adventure that will give you memories forever.

Source by Suzy Davis

Travel insurance – a must-have for international travelers

Travel is one activity that everyone must do at one time or another; it does not matter the purpose of travel, or whether it is traveling locally or internationally. Many people are actually looking to travel to other parts of the world for various reasons and purposes, including but not limited to business, tourism, holidays, Hajj, education and medical care.

The euphoria usually comes out of travel with a lot of preparations, and quite often a large amount of resources are deployed to ensure that the travel has already taken place; this includes obtaining an international passport, medical checks (when required), and expensive visa processing fees , Flight reservations and hotel reservations.

Many people will do anything and everything just to fulfill their ambition for international travel. To be very honest here, international travel is really fun and something to look forward to. Traveling, especially international trips, is a form of education for travelers because they have an opportunity to see new environments, meet new people, and know how things are going elsewhere.

International travel provides the traveler with many opportunities regardless of the original purpose of travel. These include business opportunities, educational opportunities, employment opportunities, and even marital opportunities. Unfortunately, these are just a few and many other opportunities that these (potential) travelers see. They seem ignorant or less concerned with the risks involved in international flights, so they are not taking any steps towards mitigating these risks.

At this point, you might be tempted to ask the following question: "What are those risks associated with international travel?" Very good question, just read, as most of these risks are discussed in the following paragraphs.

International travel risks

As interesting, fun, enjoyable, profitable and educational as international flights, they also come with their own downsides – like risks – just like anything else in life. Fortunately for travelers, most of these risks can be transferred to professional travel insurance providers, by purchasing travel insurance – also referred to as "travel health insurance" or "travel medical insurance".

The risks of international travel are many and varied, and they include, but are not limited to:

  • Sudden illness in the country of destination requiring urgent medical attention and / or hospitalization.

  • Getting involved in an accident leads to bodily injury, temporary or permanent disability, or death

  • Loss of checked baggage

  • Losing valuable items like international passport, driver's license, national ID card, etc.

  • Personal responsibilities abroad

  • Dental emergencies

  • abduction

  • Arrested by law enforcement agencies that require bail and legal defense

Another question that can be asked at this stage is: "Do travel insurance policies cover all the above risks?" The answer is great yes, and much more.

The covers and features offered by major travel insurance policies

Below is a list of most of the covers and benefits that travel insurance policies offer – depending on the service provider. So the next time you buy a travel insurance policy, look for these covers and benefits.

  • Medical expenses and treatment abroad

  • Emergency medical evacuation

  • Return home after treatment

  • Emergency dental care

  • Return family members traveling with the insured

  • Travel of a immediate family member

  • Emergency repatriation after the death of a relative

  • Repatriation of mortal remains

  • Medical assistance

  • legal aid

  • Pre-departure services

  • International Public Assistance

  • Overseas assistance for information about lost baggage and passport,

  • Delivery of medicines

  • Legal defense

  • Pay bond bond

  • Hijacking public transportation

  • Losing a passport, driver’s license, or national ID card abroad

  • Compensation for lost luggage while traveling

  • Compensation for delay in baggage arrival

  • Delayed departure

  • Location and transport of luggage and personal effects.

  • Fatal accident

  • Permanent disability

  • Personal civil responsibility

  • Flight cancellation fees

Risks not covered by travel insurance policies

After talking about the covers and benefits that travel insurance provides, it is also important to consider the risks that most of these policies do not cover, as shown below:

  • Participation in criminal acts or as a result of fraudulent or dangerous or reckless neglect, including the actions of the insured in the event of confusion or under the costs of psychiatric treatment excluded on his own;

  • Natural phenomena such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, abnormal cyclonic storms, objects falling from space and aerosols and in general any unusual weather, meteorological, seismic or geological phenomenon, any other type of natural disaster;

  • Events arising from terrorism, rebellion, or mass unrest;

  • Events or actions of the armed forces or security forces in peacetime;

  • Wars, with or without prior declaration, and any international conflicts or interventions that use force, coercion, or military operations of any kind.

  • Participation in bets, challenges or quarrels, except in the case of legal defense or necessity;

  • Previous illness or injuries

  • Participation in competitions, sports, and preparatory or training tests;

  • Car racing or motorbike racing, horse riding, climbing, utensil lessons, boxing, wrestling in any of their positions, martial arts, parasols, hot air inflation, free fall, paragliding, and in general, any known sporting or recreational activity Be Seriously;

  • Participation in competitions or tournaments organized by sports federations or similar organizations.

  • Dangerous and / or summer winter sports such as skiing and / or similar sports.

  • Work-related accidents

  • International and locally recognized epidemics.

  • Diseases or injuries caused by chronic diseases or those that existed before the date the policy began;

  • Death or injuries as a result of suicide, attempted suicide, or any personal injury.

  • Illness, injuries, or illnesses caused by consumption of alcohol, drugs, toxic substances, drugs, or over-the-counter medications, as well as any kind of mental illness or mental imbalance;

  • Illness, injuries due to pregnancy and childbirth, or any complications therefrom, or voluntary termination of pregnancy;

Where to buy travel insurance

Travel insurance can be purchased online – and there are many travel insurance providers who can purchase from. All you need to do is locate your preferred provider, complete the online form or questionnaire, make your payment, and the policy is provided for you for immediate printing or sent to your email address.

You can also buy travel insurance offline from a local insurance company or travel agency. No matter which method of purchase you choose, you can rest assured that you will be fully protected from the risks of gravel insurance.

Using your travel insurance

After you purchase your travel insurance policy, whether purchased yourself using the portal of the online service provider, at a travel agency or through a local insurance company, you must ensure that you do not forget to take the document with you while traveling. This is extremely important because you may be required to issue this document by the relevant bodies.

You should take note of your policy number (if possible, copy the number elsewhere) as service providers will be asked to identify you when you contact them for assistance.

Another thing that you should take note of with your insurance certificate or travel document is the assistance company phone numbers that you need to call when you need help. These numbers are always clearly written in your travel insurance document – so note them.

You should try to read as much of the document as possible to understand the covers provided, policy terms and conditions as well as their exclusions. Most importantly, when making a claim about your policy, be honest and avoid all forms of fraudulent practices.

Summary and conclusion

There are other benefits provided by travel insurance policies that cannot be thoroughly discussed here. But after reading the few benefits discussed above, you agree that travel insurance is a must for a successful trip. So the next time you plan to travel internationally, make purchasing travel insurance a top priority. It is very affordable and anyone can buy it. The peace of mind and protection that you will provide is immense.

Source by Anthony Ekanem

Kiev city guide for travelers

You totally plan your trip to Kiev, browse the internet for information about the best sights in Kiev, restaurants and night clubs, think about how to better plan your stay, what to see, and where to go … You pack your new trip camera in order to take beautiful pictures For golden domes and the streets of Khreschatik and Kiev … You think about what to wear and check the weather forecast for the days of your visit … Within a few days or weeks you will reach another world with people smiling, old brick streets, monuments and cathedrals …

quick Facts:

Status: The capital of Ukraine

Number of regions: 10

Date of Establishment: Fifth century A.D.

Area: 839 km2

Height: 179 m above sea level

Geographical coordinates: Latitude 50 ° 27 'N; Longitude 30 ° 30' E

climate: Mild continental with mild winters and warm summers

temperature: The average temperature in Kiev in January is 6 degrees below zero degrees Celsius, the average in June is 20 degrees above zero degrees Celsius; the lowest temperature in winter is 25 degrees below zero degrees Celsius; the highest temperature in summer is 32 degrees above zero degrees Celsius percentage.

Population: 2,6 million (2005)

density: 3178 person / sq km

Car code: AA

Phone Code: +380 44

Kiev mayor: Leonid Chernovtsky (since 2006)

History of Kiev

Legend has it that there was a family of three siblings called Ki Chik, Khoreef and Labid's sister. He ruled as a powerful Slavic tribe and was searching for a place to build a new home for his people. When they reached the beautiful hills on the Dnieper River and saw a wonderful panorama of the Blue River and seven hills covered with chestnut trees, they loved this place so much and decided to settle there. They founded a city and named it Kiev in honor of their older brother Ki more than 1500 years ago. Prince Ki and his family lived on one hill, settled a check on another hill that got the well of Skikkavica, and Khuriyev settled on the third hill named Khurica.

Since 882 Kiev has become the capital of an ancient, powerful country called Kievan Rus'. In the year 998 Kiev Prince Vladimir made Christianity in Kiev Kiev by baptizing Kiev residents on the Dnieper River. In 1240, the city was demolished by the Mongolian Tatars who invaded Kievan Rus', after which it was rebuilt. Since 1362 Kiev and much of Ukraine belong to Lithuania and Poland, and in 1654 it became part of the Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union.

In 1991 the Ukrainian people voted for independence of Ukraine and Kiev became its capital. Since that time it has become the center of political, economic and cultural life in Ukraine.

In November 2004 Kiev was the main place of the Orange Revolution when hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians protested against street election fraud and later elected another ruling party and president of the President of Ukraine.

Kiev residence

Most visitors of Kiev prefer to stay in an apartment or hotel. Kiev hotels provide security and a certain level of service according to their level (three stars, four stars, five stars), Kiev apartments allow more privacy and flexibility. An average single room in a Kiev hotel costs between $ 100 and $ 130 per night, while a one-room apartment with all amenities costs between $ 40 to $ 60 depending on the location, space and additional amenities like jacuzzi, home cinema etc.

Classification of Kiev sights

I recommend you to visit:

The golden gate in Kiev – The old gate to Kiev, which is now located in the center of it, is made of wood and stone with a small golden dome above

Saint Sophia Cathedral One of the most beautiful cathedrals of Kiev with bell tower and chestnut trees around the cathedral

St. Michael's Cathedral – A newly reconstructed cathedral with beautiful blue walls, decorations and large golden domes

St. Vladimir Cathedral – The cathedral in the center of Kiev, where the official Orthodox religious celebrations are held

Saint Andrew and Andrew Decent Church (Andreevsky Sposk) – A popular place with tourists with many souvenir stalls, ancient brick proportions, art galleries and museums

Kiev Kiev Monastery (Lavra) – The ancient monastery where you can see caves where monks lived in ancient times, many churches and the largest bell tower in Kiev

Russian Art Museum and Ukrainian Art Museum – Art experts will enjoy watching the masterpieces of world art in Kiev's museums

Kiev Opera and Ballet Theater – A fun experience to listen to live classical music and watch dances

Ethnic village of Pirogovo – An opportunity to see the houses of the old village, windmills and household appliances from various Ukrainian regions

War Museum – You can see there are many tanks, war planes and the huge metal statue of the woman symbolizing the homeland

Kiev vegetable plant – In spring and summer, you can see beautiful trees and flowering flowers

Mariinsky Palace – Majestic palace where formal celebrations take place, surrounded by a green garden with panoramic views of the Dnieper and its left bank

Independence Square – The very central part of Kiev, where distances are calculated to other cities, and it contains a large underground shopping center, a central post office, banks and restaurants

Khreshik Street – The main street in Kiev where people can walk on the highway on Saturday and Sunday

Vladimir mount – Garden on the mountain with a large statue symbolizing Prince Vladimir with the cross when he introduced Christianity and baptized Slavic.

what to wear

If you come to Kiev in the summer, it would be nice to take a summer jacket, jeans, shirt, sandals or baskets and maybe even shorts or clothing for the heat. For spring or fall, it is better to take some warm things and a jacket. In winter, you will need a winter coat or warm jacket, some blouses, scarf, gloves and blankets.

If you go inside a church or cathedral, women must cover their head with a shawl, while men need to take off their hats.

Eating in Kiev

To experience delicious Ukrainian cuisine, we recommend the following Kiev restaurants:

Pervak ​​Restaurant – An average-priced restaurant located on two Rognedinskaya streets, you can taste bursh, wornik, small pies, and various meat and fish dishes. Dinner will cost you about $ 30-50 per person depending on the food and drinks you choose.

Taras Restaurant – It is located in Shevchenko Park near Kiev's major museums, near Kiev University. You can order different pancakes as well as national cuisine dishes. Dinner will cost you 35-55 dollars.

Soviet Union Restaurant – It is located near the Kiev War Museum and Kiev Lavra Monastery on Sichnevogo Povstannya 42/1 Street, decorated with the symbols of the Soviet Union. Dinner will cost you 35-55 dollars.

Pozata Khata (Big Peled House) A fast food restaurant that combines original peasant-style interior design, delicious Ukrainian food, a wide range of dishes and low prices. Located in the center, 1 / 2a Basseinaya Street, at the beginning of Khreschatik. Here you can try traditional Ukrainian pampushky, Kiev chicken, various salads and main meals. On the first floor, you can also choose one of the cakes and even order fresh juice. Dinner cost $ 3-10 per person.

Zdorovenky Buly (good health for you)

It is a popular fast food restaurant located near Khreschatik metro station which may have the biggest choice of different foods: salad bar, pies, varenyky, pizza, soup, delicious desserts. Its comfortable rooms are decorated in different styles: Chinese, Indian, Egyptian and Greek. It also has a tea bar with cupcakes where one can sit and talk. Dinner: $ 3-10 per person.

Ukrainian souvenirs

You can buy several Ukrainian souvenirs at Andrew Descent (Andreevskiy Spusk): embroidered towels, matrioshkas, painted white and wooden plaques, glass souvenirs, mini dolls in national clothing, paintings and clothing. There is also a souvenir section in Kiev Central Journal (Tsum), which is located on Khreschatik Street and a souvenir shop near St Sofia Cathedral.

Source by Polina Kryuchkova

London Stansted Airport – guide for independent travelers

From London airports, Stansted airport is far from central London, about 40 miles. The airport is dominated by low-cost airlines, especially Ryanair and easyJet, the largest low-cost airlines in Europe.

The majority of flights are European or UK domestic flights.

The airport also has great rental traffic, especially for Britons traveling on sightseeing trips to the sun.

Major intercontinental and country airlines such as British Airways, Virgin, American and Singapore Airlines use all London Heathrow or Gatwick airports.

The airport is a well-established airport but was re-launched 15 years ago with a new station and new infrastructure, including a direct railway and highway to London. Initially it was a white elephant, but the emergence of low-cost airlines has turned Stansted into one of Europe's fastest growing airports in the past decade.

Today, the full capacity of the main station is within sight, and it is planned to construct a new station and more from the second runway.

There are no surprises at the station itself, all standard facilities are there including choice of foreign currency, pharmacies, news fairs, etc. There is a good range of dining opportunities that range from fast food and snacks to restaurants. Shared with all BAA airports, the owner, there are plenty of luxury shopping outlets. But remember, the majority of flights from Stansted are within EEC and do not qualify for a duty-free status.

It usually takes about 30 minutes from landing to customs with most flights if you have luggage. There is an airport information office directly outside the customs and an office for AirportCarz who monopolize taxi services at the airport. Taking a taxi to London is used by a very small minority of passengers due to distance and expenses.

If your destination is London, the fastest option is to take the Stansted Express. The train station is located below the terminal so it can be taken to the platforms by escalator or elevator.

Stansted Express takes 45 minutes from London Liverpool Street Station and lasts approximately every 15 minutes during the day. The last trains are around midnight. Prices on Stansted Express are expensive, and over $ 40 USD for one return. Liverpool Street Station is also not very convenient for most travelers, as it is located in the center of London's financial district, 3 – 5 miles from most of the most popular hotel accommodations. The train stops at an intermediate station called Tottenham Hill, 10 minutes before Liverpool Street, which is an intersection with London Underground (Victoria Line).

Many airlines will sell tickets to Stansted Express, some at a discount, before landing at Stansted Airport.

The budget transfer option to London is to have one of four scheduled bus services operated by National Express and Terravision. There is a large modern bus station in front of the station, near the railway station.

The cheapest option is the Terravision service to Liverpool Street Station, which is the same as Stansted Express. The price is about half the price of the Stansted Express. The downside like all road transfers are London traffic, and on a good day the bus will arrive in an hour. National Express runs its services approximately every 30 minutes to the nearby Stratford Underground at a similar rate.

Another way the trainers took was Stansted to London Victoria. Both of them have a return for about $ 25. Terravision stops non-stop, and National Express stops via central London, many of which are close to major hotel areas. National Express is a real, 24/7 service, and Terravision only stops for a few hours early in the morning. Some of the highest frequencies are found in the middle of the night in Stansted – London and early in the morning from London – Stansted for the first and last flights when the Stansted Express and London Underground closed.

Since there are some very cheap fares from Ryanair and easyJet, many continents travelers have found it cheaper to travel to Heathrow and then complete their journey to their European destination with the low-cost airline from Stansted.

National Express runs shuttle services between Heathrow and Stansted from Stansted Bus Station. Usually there are two services per hour, the journey takes about 90 minutes (although delays on the highway are almost routine at rush hours). The fare is not cheap either. The return fare is approximately $ 50. It is cheaper to use the indirect National Express service to Stratford and then take London Underground to Heathrow, but less comfortable.

If you want to stay at Stansted airport before the flight, there are plenty of options available. Like all London airport hotels, room rates are usually much cheaper on weekends than midweek. If you're going through Heathrow or Gatwick with the most intense competition, you might find Stansted prices more expensive, especially in the budget sector.

Right next to the station, the luxurious Stansted Radisson SAS Hotel is the only airport hotel where you don't need a hotel transportation. This is perhaps the most luxurious hotel and at the weekend prices it can be somewhat competitive. The original luxury hotel in Stansted is the four-star Hilton Hotel, located in the vicinity of the airport. Hilton Stansted runs its own shuttle bus from the bus station approximately every 30 minutes.

In the immediate vicinity of the airport there are Express by Holiday Inn and Best Western. The less expensive option constantly is Days Inn in the motorway service area at the entrance to Stansted Airport. It does not provide any airport transportation itself though of course there are taxis and local bus service.

Apart from the chains, there are plenty of independent hotels in the vicinity. These hotels feature all budgets and tastes, from Country House Hotels, to bars to traditional Bed and Breakfast. The countryside around Stansted is surprisingly unspoiled and there is an opportunity to stay in a traditional market town or training inn for example.

Source by Bob Handford