The story of the traveler from Athens to Nafion

I can hardly describe what I felt during my trip to Greece. It's an amazing country in its beauty, almost every month of the year! There are many travelers who want everything to be perfect and planned, but sometimes it is spontaneity that makes the difference. What is the point if you will tour according to schedule and then go home? I found the best way to use a rental car and mix it with your surroundings as if you were always there. There are delights to be found in every corner of the city if you know where to look!

For real Athenians, there is no greater joy than spending the weekend or even just a day in the spell-surrounded city of Nafplion. There are roundabouts in this seaport and breathtaking views to enjoy, and you can always indulge in a little shopping and an afternoon break at the many roadside cafes there. If you are a fan of historic buildings in Venice and Turkish, you will love to wander around the architectural fortifications as well as sculptures that tell stories of the past!

I felt like I was in a novel – what with the magnificent Palamidi Castle, which is over a thousand stairs, Potrezi Castle, also known as the "Water Castle". imagine that! It was made to protect the city of Nafion from pirates and invaders. When I visited this city, I could see the castle again in ancient times, and that didn't change much. Amidst all this rich culture, Bougainvillea plants are found almost everywhere in the city with a number of colors to entice a tired traveler. Sometimes, it will provide a color of clouds when the wind blows and other much-needed times under the shade of its petals.

When I was traveling from Athens to Nafpion, I had to stop in a dear little town called Loutraki. It is a holiday spot right on Corinth Bay and only 60 kilometers from Athens. I soon discovered that Loutraki was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1928, which is why there is little history shown here and all the architecture is fairly new and characterized by modern design. As a tired traveler, I took part in the spa that resembles the world-famous spas, and it was a lively experience like nothing I have ever experienced! After a nice hot bath, I enjoyed the gelato by the sea in a small place called Koukos Glace. It was very difficult for me to decide, a lot of gelato flavors and some are new, like Baklava!

I have been told that the best restaurant to enjoy authentic Greek cuisine is Maestrali, and then I visited it afterwards. Even a simple dish of beef pasta is enough to stir the senses. Believe me! Not to mention you get a large entrée size. For seafood lovers I recommend Giannis which has a beautiful seafood Pikilia dish and Saganaki shrimp again with portions large enough to serve an army! If you find you crave a bit of American food, Loutraki Casino is a great place to have a breakfast buffet. On your way out of Loutraki, remember to take a lot of pictures in the Corinth Channel – I know I did. It is a perfect tourist spot.

He speaks of a lot of history to be devoured in the ancient Corinthians as it is known as the site of the Greeks who first learn Christianity from the Apostle Paul. There is a museum made here to influence the history buffs on their facts. Head straight to Nafpion but make sure that before sunset you want to be able to enjoy this seaport in all its glory which may be masked by the night cover. When the evening comes down, don't miss the chance to shop more! When I was there I found this little shop and my thoughts I spent all my money even though I usually spent carefully – this is the charm of the place!

I found the best souvenir shop on Amalias 4 called Takis Souvenirs and I found myself finding a conversation with the store owner that you can say he was madly in the city where he lived and he had a lot to say about it. What a delightful man! The energy was very good, we did some serious shopping with my friend and we loved every minute!

At Nafpion, I found the best dining experience offered by Kipos, in Plateia Filellinon, although I wish I would have visited every restaurant in town. As a tourist, keep your possessions close and scrutinized, as a foreign country can pose any number of unique challenges – it is better not to draw your attention too much. Do visit Nafpion at least once; know you will love it!


Source by Litsa Bolontzakis

Bitcoin Price

In recent months, analysts have wondered if Bitcoin (BTC) was really in the bull market. Just two weeks ago, the main cryptocurrency currency was down nearly 50% from the current high of $ 14,000, suggesting that bitcoin is back in the bear market phase.

But an important technical indicator has shown that the cryptography market remains at a bullish stage. The fact is that another drop in the BTC price of up to $ 8,000 could exacerbate volatility for the first time since March 2018, just over $ 20,000 at the last rate.

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Bitcoin is still in the bull market in the long run, the indicator suggests
If you have not followed cryptocurrency trading at all, you have probably already seen the terms “cross of gold” and “cross of death / bear” mentioned on Twitter and TradingView. In some references, the technical analysis refers to crosses between gold and death when the mean moving average (MA) overlaps to indicate a trend; Gold crosses have short MAs, long-lasting AD’s, and otherwise dead crosses.

btc news

According to a recent analysis, the Byzantine general, a popular Twitter trader, has just avoided an exponential moving average at 50 days and an exponential moving average at 200 days. This implies that bitcoin remains in the long run, as these two moving average crosses of gold and death have long been an indication of macroeconomic trends.

Useful traveler information about the Kingdom of Swaziland

Swaziland is a geographically small country with a population of over one million. Located in the southern hemisphere in geopolitical terms such as South Africa. As officially known, the Kingdom of Swaziland is one of the last four remaining kingdoms in Africa. Its only neighbors are South Africa and Mozambique. It is a country with relative political stability. In recent years, Swaziland has increasingly faced economic challenges that have often led to political tensions.

In terms of tourism, the country is a relatively famous tourist destination. International travelers from Switzerland, the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom visit each year. This small nation was created with the famous annual reed dance, a cultural activity involving thousands of young women. Over the years, this event has attracted many travelers to Swaziland.

Perhaps the first things you should be aware of is how one gateway to Swaziland. International travelers travel to Swaziland by air. There are currently no direct commercial flights to the Kingdom. Tourists usually travel first to Johannesburg, South Africa by air and then connect the last stop to Swaziland. There is only one airport in the country called Matsava International Airport. It is a small airport that caters only to very small aircraft. Plans are underway but appear to have been delayed in completing a new airport to handle larger aircraft such as the Boeing 747.

Most states, especially those with a history of sending many tourists like the ones mentioned above, do not need a visa to enter Swaziland. This applies to stays of no more than 30 days. This is often a lot of time to explore this small kingdom without difficulties. Once in Swaziland, many tourists find accommodation in the Ezwilini Valley. They are found near the capital Mbabane and are located somewhat in the center of the country. The Ezwilini Valley is also private because of its often unique weather, great views of the mountains and the lush valley itself and affordable accommodation.

Once you reach the valley, there are many activities to do. Some things to do include visiting the Cultural Village, a candle factory, a glass factory and historical shrines. Some attractions include the distance to travel far from the valley. All in all, with determination, it is easy to explore the entire country in a few days. This is in light of the fact that the maximum breathing in the country is about 200 kilometers.

Apart from traveling to the country by air, it is also possible to arrive by road. This happens frequently with tourist buses that originate in Johannesburg. A visit to Swaziland can be a short two or three day visit. It takes about 3 hours to travel from Johannesburg to Mbabane. In many cases, driving to Swaziland can be helpful as exploring the country will be much easier. However, it is not difficult to rent a car or find taxes to move around once you reach the ground. Hotels and hostels are also more than willing to help with internal travel arrangements.

Source by Aurther Shoko

Why is it important for every traveler to Corfu to visit the beautiful village of Paleokastritsa?

Corfu is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations in Greece. It is a beautiful island with a strong historical background. It is located on the northwest side of the country. Corfu is a cosmopolitan island with a traditional character. The island is famous for its wonderful beaches. It is great to spend holidays in Corfu with families, couples or a group of friends because the island has something for everyone.

Paleokastritsa- beautiful village

Paleokastritsa is one of the most captivating villages. Settled on the northwest coast of Corfu Island. It is a beautiful and lively village surrounded by fertile lands and olive groves. There is an old monastery overlooking the city and is located at the top of a hill.


There are a number of small beaches scattered across the bay in the form of alfalfa. The most important beach is known as Agios Spyridon. It is a beautiful coastal spot with white sand. The water on the beach is clean but colder than other places in Corfu. You can stay for a few days to enjoy and relax on the beach and surroundings.

If you walk 200 meters from the village, you will reach another beautiful beach known as Agios Petros. On the beach, you can enjoy seclusion. You can enjoy water sports on the beach such as water skiing, kayaking and paragliding.

Other activities to do

If you want to find shades of the sun and enjoy some delicious Greek cuisine, you can choose a cold beer or a glass of local wine. You will find it easily as there are a number of bars and bars across the waterfront and the village itself.

After refreshing yourself, you can reach Angelokastro in 20 minutes by car. It is a 13th-century Byzantine castle on the hilltop above Paleokastritsa. You can reach the top of the castle via stone steps. From above, you can enjoy stunning views of the beautiful northwestern coast of Corfu below.

If you are an adventurer, you can rent a boat and sail to the nearby secluded bays or enjoy diving in the region's famous caves. The village has a number of caves that attract most tourists. There is also a boat for day trips to the caves.

You can also visit the nearby villages of Lakones and the traditional Krini. The 12th-century Theotokos Monastery is located on the northern side of the bay or visit the Angelokastro Castle in Krini and enjoy great views.

The village has plenty of supermarkets and souvenir shops where you can buy gifts for your loved ones. It is a very beautiful and unpolluted city.

It's easy to imagine how beautiful this place is in the past. However, a few dozen beautiful waterfalls and beaches will make you feel like you are in the sky when you reach the place. It is a beautiful place and if you are planning a holiday in Corfu this summer, it is definitely recommended that you plan at least one day to visit Paleokastritsa.

Source by Paul Smith

The three types are characteristic for travelers or tourists

This may sound like weird travel advice, but knowing what kind of tourists or traveler you're traveling to will help determine your expectations and possibly improve your travel adventures. Read the following list of three types of travelers to see if or where the game is found.

Leisure traveler: Usually looking for relaxation or disengagement and does not care much about local flavor or local customs and culture. One may just sit on the beach and relax, read a book, play golf or just rest. They are not opposed to foreign websites but are not interested in delving deeper into a new culture. You may just want to recharge their batteries before another year in the office.

Pilot Traveler: This traveler searches for meaning within other cultures. Intriguing and inquiring, this traveler is beneath the exterior of strange new worlds and seeks to get as much experience (learning) as possible from the point of view. Willing to take risks in order to gain experience, this traveler will have a deep desire to engage in a different culture and find a deeper meaning within it. No bars and restaurants for expats of this type!

Pilot Traveler: Not only willing to try new things but also actively looking for them. You may be looking for meaning outside of their current existence and be willing to try (and possibly fail) to travel to new destinations instead of traveling at all. A subset of the experimental traveler is the existential traveler. A person who already finds meaning in a new culture and now wants to engage in it in the long run. You may be on your way to live in your favorite city or country, your favorite beach or mountain trip, and actively save another trip to the same place or even a new destination as an experience. They have already withdrawn from their routine and moved internally to their desired location.

There is room for all types of tourists in the world of travel but what causes "bad holidays" usually results from not understanding the type of traveler they are. The leisure tourist may not want to take a guided tour, hiking or hiking in the mountains and will not be happy if a travel partner forces him. Their partner may not want to sit on the beach all day, either. When traveling in pairs or groups, accommodation may be required for others to find their desires. Although travelers to foreign places who do not want to actively engage in a new culture may be changing themselves, it should not destroy the entire journey.

Knowing what kind of traveler should make it easier for you to choose destinations and then enjoy the trip much more because you are preparing your trip for success, not failure.

Source by David C. Reynolds

Traveler – John Twelve Hawks Review

There is a time and place for almost every type of literature. I find myself reading a little bit of everything, and I often have things I have never read. I'll go to a bookstore and see something that interests me as interesting, read the back and decide to buy it. I go home and realize that it is one of these books that I usually find abhorrent, not because of the story or ideas given by an author, but for the very basic reason (and there are many of them do that) the writer thinks he or she is writing a script.

We are a visual culture. All we do is in pictures and animations. So it makes sense that when a new author arrives in a world of thrill, excitement or science fiction, it will take them wrong to try to show everything to the reader. People love her anyway, probably for the same reasons I mentioned. They love pictures, and if their words can be pictures, they will be better.

However, I have a less tolerant opinion about the way I wrote the modern novel. I can't bear it. Not even that Hoxx writes without a voice, just because he never tries in the first place.

Let's start with the plot. It's a pretty cool sound. A metaphysical thriller in which a completely different world is possible, accessible only by certain people, of whom only two remain. Enter the protectors of those who are particularly distinguished and the evil illuminatus who are trying to dominate the world who just wants to grab these powers and use them for their own benefit. You can control Big Brother's style over the audience and some intense fighting and stalking scenes, and you have a thriller with a very matrix style matrix with the sole purpose of being turned into a movie.

As I said though, the plot was interesting, and most of the time I was completely hooked in the first chapter. The problem arose in prose. This author writes the suffocating pen of a man he sees unfolding in front of him. He's a journalist of some sort for something that never happened, despite being provoked by motorcycle chases and unnecessary back swings.

I will probably read the following novel in the series, and whether I will enjoy it or not, most likely, end the series, just because Hawks made something in his world that I want to know more about. His eyes for skepticism and meticulous mastery of the hook are the only things that have kept this book afloat, but it runs on the shelf next to The DaVinci Code as something I will never be able to read for the second time and will never recommend it to my friends.

Source by Anthony Chatfield

USA – Dream Paradise Traveler

The US's worldwide reach is almost unparalleled. They consider military and economic power to be stronger, not without reason. As the most diverse of all countries, the United States is home to many exotic tourist attractions such as New York skyscrapers, California beaches, Yellowstone's natural wonders, Florida and Hawaii, as well as the Las Vegas gamblers' paradise. The attractions are so diverse that the traveler is often confused about how and where to start. A small guide on where to start will give you a picture of how to travel.

San Francisco

Located in Northern California, this city is the main financial and cultural center. Destinations will surely take you by surprise no matter what kind of tourism you are interested in. From fashion to sports to entertainment, you'll get everything you demand. Take a city bus tour to explore each destination. Museums, theaters and neighborhoods like Chinatown and Fisherman's Warfare are great places. Wineries are another must visit when in San Francisco. The world recognizes this great city with attractions such as seals, seafood, fishing, taps, parks and museums.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, dubbed the "Valley of the Sun", has a very sunny climate making it an ideal travel destination. Certainly, resorts and golf courses make you excited. The heart of the city center features most attractions. All restaurants, shops and sports centers are located in this area. Many of the city's historic monuments and buildings are located around the Glendale area and the Heritage Square. Tempe is where you will find a plethora of entertainment venues filled with nightlife. Museums and art galleries are very famous. Arizona's famous science center, the Firehouse Museum at the Hall of Fame and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Scottsdale are among Phoenix's attractions.

Baltimore, Maryland

Located on the east coast of America, Baltimore is home to an important harbor with a large harbor. It features a number of tourist attractions such as the Inner Harbor, the city center and Camden Square as well as the West Side. The nightlife in the Fells point is well known. The National Basin, the Ascension Church, and Robert East Lee Memorial Park are some of the famous tourist attractions to visit. You also can't miss the Maryland Zoo Safari experience.

These are just a few of the cities in the United States that are famous for visiting tourism.

Source by Karen K Williams

10 golden rules can transform a novice into a Master Traveler

Even smart travelers are not born as masters. Few overseas travel experiences, proven rules and standards, and local guides help them get the title of being a master of a novice Bedouin. The minds of travel enthusiasts were born out of countless small mistakes, crazy mistakes, cultural awareness and lost buses.

However, the strongest always leaves a giant bucket list of learning, lessons and experiences that resist the novice who commits the same thing.

We bring the lights to the ten golden rules that can help you become a major traveler.

  1. Book trips 3-4 months in advance

Rehlat allows you to find the cheapest flights flying from Kuwait Airport. So why not plan 3-4 months ago and schedule your trip wisely!

  1. Book a group travel package

Choose your holiday from the best holiday packages that offer exciting offers. Especially group travel packages are cheaper than solo or duo packages.

  1. Get an ATM card free of charge

There is no feeling of paying bank fees. Get an ATM card that does not charge any fees. This way you can save and use this extra money for your travel.

  1. Get city attraction cards

If a lot of attractions and attractive destinations are on your to-do list in a short period of time, passing the city will save you huge entrance fees and save your dollars.

  1. Carry emergency cash

Emergency situations do not knock the gate in advance. Imagine a time when you can't find an ATM near you and need money for the bus to your hotel or hotel. It will always end without any choice. Best to keep cash in an emergency.

  1. Become pollinated

Hospital costs in a foreign country are inevitably higher than the fees in your country. So, it's best to protect yourself with the vaccines your doctor recommends and save yourself from falling prey to the disease. Also, we suggest that you keep medicines that cure you well, and do not rely on getting the same brand of medicines abroad.

  1. Take pictures of your luggage

If you lose your bag, it will help you identify it more easily and speed up the process of recovering your travel insurance.

  1. Incognito search

Hide your browsing history from locations while searching for flights. By using incognito mode on your computer, you can restrict these sites to track your cookies and raise the price on you.

  1. Always take the power bank

Zero battery in mobile phones and DSLR is a real mood tool. Carry a power bank and keep your mood well.

  1. Avoid taxis

Taxis are always budget buster. They're running out of you budget. It's best to use city transport to get started.

Source by Devon Stewart

Psychic traveler

Having the ability to show awareness opens up great experiences of traveling around the world without leaving home. Explore Egypt's ancient pyramids, discover galaxies, or walk along beautiful beaches in remote areas. You can also share information with other psychic travelers during your trip.

For some people, psychological travel is an emotional experience of the body, while others are dreaming out of the body. Moving out of your body is also called projective stars. In any situation where the traveler moves around the universe, there is one thing for sure, the adventure is incredible.

At the beginning of any new form of learning, whether it is enlarging the mind or learning to swim, the first experience may be a bit scary. Once you have overcome the initial concerns, a completely new dimension of your life awaits. If you are too sensitive to the idea that you may be floating in the air or seeing your physical body from outside your body, psychological travel may not be suitable for you. The worst-case scenario for new psychiatric travelers is a quick return to your body such as a tremor accompanied by a loud explosion, flicker or bright light.

If you're ready to experience psychological travel, I'm happy to be your guide. The following instructions will start. I suggest you start your journey at bedtime. When you feel comfortable on your travels, go ahead and beware of the wind, and travel anywhere at any time of the day or night. (Don't be surprised to see me traveling by your side).

everything is ready:

1. Get yourself comfortable. Lie on your back, arms and palm on your side. Start relaxing from your toes to the neck and face muscles. Your body will feel heavier and heavier.

2. Focus your focus on your breathing. The slow rhythmic movement of deep breathing will relax more and more in a highly altered state of mind during the alert. Focus your thoughts on the center of your forehead.

3. Now visualize in your mind, duplicate (spirit) the images of sunlight, light as the feathers float upwards. Now you feel two sensations; one of your physical body, as heavy as a mass of clay. The other is the lack of your soul and freedom. Your eyes remain closed, but you know the room around you. Note the color, it may appear as if there is a purple hue in the dark. Now focus your attention on the center of the ceiling.

4. Imagine in your mind the center of the ceiling approaching you and you do so, you are aware that you are floating in your spiritual body. You may even see your body lying peacefully down on your bed.

5. Move up through the roof and out into the world, visit friends or locations. You will return when you are ready once you think about returning.

Have a wonderful trip!

Source by Barbara Garcia

Namibia & # 8211; Bumper Harvest awaits adventure traveler

Namibia is a largely barren country of harsh and carved beauty. The most vibrant images are those characterized by their stunning artistic scenery of orange sand dunes, sparkling mirages and treacherous dust demons. The obvious devastation is the deceptive, plant, animal and even human life has adapted to this environment. The country is almost exclusively designed with an active and adventurous student in mind. Timeless deserts, tree savannahs, deserted windswept coastlines, majestic canyons, and sun-salt salt pans are the reward that await the traveler.

Namibia's first draw is the Etosha National Park, ranked as one of the best game sanctuaries in Africa. The country's bird experience is truly superior. On a safari in Namibia, the range of activities you can enjoy in the unprecedented physical environment is truly magnificent. Hiking in the desert, skydiving on land and sea, paragliding, white-water rafting and sand skiing along the coastal dunes are good activities for beginners. The most fun games to choose from include abseiling – the most exciting of rock sports, coastal fishing, fresh water, desert camel rides, scuba diving, 4 × 4 desert rides, hiking and climbing.

Namibia has four distinct geographical areas. In the north is Etosha Pan, a magnificent area of ​​wildlife and the heart of Etosha National Park. Located between Zambia and Botswana, a thin Caprivi Strip is a wet area of ​​forests blessed by a few rivers. Along the coast is the 80 million-year-old Namib Desert, the world's oldest desert. On the coast, the icy cold Atlantic Ocean meets the scorching African desert, leading to dense fog. The well-watered central plateau stretches from north to south, carrying rugged mountains, magnificent valleys, rocky products and extended plains.

Namibia, two and a half times the size of France, is sparsely populated with only 1.8 million people. People are as unique as the land they live on. The most interesting are the San, otherwise known as the Bushmen. These most hardy people have very advanced knowledge of their environment. It is wonderful how well adapted to its difficult environment. Just pause and think these are the only people in the world who live without any permanent access to water. In the Kalahari Desert, one of its habitat, surface water cannot be found. Tubers, watermelons and other plants that carry water as well as underground wells provide their water needs.

In Namibia today, Bush's men number about 50,000. Historians estimate that they have lived, mostly as hunters and collectors, for at least 25,000 years in these parts of the world. The Bushmen speak a strange mortal language and are extremely talented in the arts of storytelling, tradition and dance. Most of the other people in Namibia, who are indigenous to the continent, are of Bantu origin. They are believed to have arrived from West Africa about 2,400 years ago. African groups include Awambo, Kavango, Caprivian, Hierro, Hemba, Damara, Nama and Tswana.

Putting Africans aside, the other groups make up about 15% of the population and played an important role in the emergence of the modern nation. The number of white Namibians reaches about 120.00, mostly of German and Afrikaner heritage. The Germans arrived in large numbers after 1884 when Bismarck declared the country a German protectorate. Africans, white farmers of Dutch descent, moved north from their settlements in Cape, especially after the Dutch Cape Colony was abandoned to the British in 1806. This strongly independent people, whose ancestors lived in Cape from 1652, resented British control.

Two other distinct groups complement the spectrum of the Namibian people – Baster and Colors. Color in Namibia and South Africa refers to people of mixed ethnic heritage, for example white black. They have a separate identity and culture. This makes sense given that Namibia was run by South Africa after the First World War. Even in pre-apartheid South Africa, apartheid was a wonderful art. African-speaking Amazighs, descended from Hottentot women and Dutch settlers in Cape. After being isolated from both white and black communities, they strolled north, finally establishing their city Rehoboth, in 1871. The extract from Buster is already derived from "bastard", but it is not insulting, and the buster is really proud of it.

The remote and attractive coasts of Namibia were a natural deterrent to the ambitions of European explorers. That was until 1884, when German merchant Adolf Ludritz founded a permanent settlement between the Namib Desert and the Atlantic coast. Bismarck later declared that the territory covered by Namibia was a German colony and called Sudoistafrika or Southwest Africa. When German settlers moved in, the conflict was inevitable with the heirs of the land.

The German occupation was a particularly unhappy experience for Hero. Herero resented the harsh and racist German rule and the impact of encroachment on their land on their living and lifestyle. On the first day of 1904, Hero, led by leader Samuel Maherero, suddenly and unexpectedly armed with weapons against their colonial ancestors. Nama joined the rebellion and the authorities did not regain control until six months after the attempt. More than 100 German settlers and soldiers died in the uprising. Historians now consider the events that followed to form the first genocide of the 20th century.

First Lieutenant Lothar von Truth was provided with a 14,000-strong unit charged with quelling the insurgency. Then the governor-general of the region was Rudolf Goering – father of Hermann Goering, Hitler's right-hand man. Lothar von Truth was a generation before his generation and his kind of thinking was to become government policy under the Third Reich. He said that Herero must be destroyed as a people and that he did not succeed in killing women or children. In the end, 100,000 Nama and Hiro were killed. Survivors were grazed in concentration camps where unspeakable things happened. Herero performed very poorly and 80% of her people perished. The population of growth decreased by 35-50%.

Windhoek, the capital of 165,000 people, is the only real city in the country. For those who travel to remote areas, this is where practical things are settled. The positive aspects of the German era can be seen in the charming style of the city's old buildings. Highlights include the State Museum, State Archives and the Namibia Handicraft Center. Dan Viljoen Game Park is 24 km west of Windhoek on the pleasant Khoma Hochland hills. At this resort you will find ostriches, baboons, zebras and more than 200 species of birds. Waterburg Plateau Park is 230 km from Windhoek and is popular on weekends. This vast mountain wilderness is home to Cheetah, Cheetah, Kodo, Giraffe, and White Rhinoceros.

Etosha National Park is what brings together wildlife enthusiasts in Namibia. The park is comparable in size and diversity of species with the best in Africa. Etosha's unusual topography carries savannah grasslands, dense brush and forest. But in Etosha Pan, a depression that sometimes carries water and covers 5,000 square kilometers, this is the heart of the park. The permanent springs around the pan, attract many birds and wild animals in the dry winter months. The effect of this background is magical, some of the best wildlife photos have been taken here.

There are 144 species of mammals in the garden and elephants are very abundant. Some other interesting wildlife here include giraffe, tiger, cheetah, jackal, blueebeest blue, gemsbok and black rhinoceros. Large birds in Itosha have been recorded more than 300 species of birds. You'll get the best value by spending at least three days here. There are excellent accommodation facilities at the three rest camps in Namutoni, Hilali and Okakoyjo. The best time to see the animals is between May and September, when the water attracts them in large numbers to the edge of the pan. Etosha is located 400 km north of Windhoek by road.

The Fish River Canyon is unparalleled in Africa and only the Grand Canyon in the United States is larger. The valley spans 160 km and is 27 km wide and 550 meters deep. But size alone does not explain the attraction of the valley. You experience incredible views at various points along the edge. Adventure lovers don't just come to get views. Hiking through the valley is an extreme endurance adventure for hikers. There is a 90 km walking route that will take you 4 to 5 days to cover.

The corridor ends at the Ai-Ais hot spring resort where you can relax. You are allowed to stroll between early May and the end of September. The height is very hard and needless to say, you must be physically fit. The authorities do not believe most people can do this hike and will actually insist on seeing a medical fitness certificate before you are allowed to start. Fish River Canyon is 580 km south of Windhoek.

The skeleton coast was the tomb of sailors and whales and deserves this obsessive name. The problem is thick fog. Woe to the shipwreck survivors who expect a rest on the beach! In front of us is the Namib Desert, one of the most unwanted places. Adventurous travelers love to cruise along the coast where they enjoy the stunning beauty of the area. To the south of Cape Cross, there is a seal colony carrying tens of thousands of seals. Skeleton Coast Park covers 16,400 square kilometers and starts from 355 kilometers northwest of Windhoek.

Portuguese explorer Diego Cao arrived in this part of the world in 1486. ​​He was probably one of the people whose experiences encouraged Europeans to venture on the beach until the Germans arrived 400 years later. To the south lies the Namib-Naukluft National Park, a vast wilderness covering an area of ​​50,000 square kilometers. The landscape is extremely diverse and covers mountain ridges, majestic sand dunes, and deep cut bridges. For the truly stunning dunes, the Sossusvlei region is unprecedented. Here you have a dune to 300 meters! The orange giants extend as far as the horizon, and the area has an unforgettable and unforgettable atmosphere.

To the north-east of the country, the Kavango and Caprivi Strip areas with potable water provide great wilderness suitable for game and camping. The area is also far away for bird lovers. Game parks in the region include: Kodom, Caprivi, Mahanju, Modumo and Mameli. Hunters have severely damaged wildlife during the years of civil war in neighboring Angola. But the numbers of animals accumulate quickly. Some wildlife in the area include tiger, elephant, buffalo, cheetah, lion and various types of antelopes. Caprivi Reserve is located in an area of ​​swamps and flood plains. Here you have the opportunity to take part in fishing, hiking, safari to watch games and river cruises on traditional mokoro boats.

In Namibia, you can enjoy up to 300 days of sunshine. The coast is mild and the heat operates between 5C-25C. Inside, daytime temperatures range from 20 ° C to 34 ° C, but can rise to 40 ° C in the north and south of the country. Winter nights may be extremely cold and frost occurs in large parts of the country. Inland rain falls in summer (November – April) and hurricanes are in the Caprivi region. Rain does not significantly affect travel, but beware of flash floods near the riverbed. The best time to travel is the dry months from March to October, when it is easy to see animals in the aquariums. It is best to avoid the Namib and Etosha desert between December and March when it becomes unbearably hot.

You can wear light cotton clothing and linens in the summer. During winter nights and mornings, you'll need heavier cotton, warm blankets and sweaters. Comfortable walking shoes are essential, because the ground gets too hot. Some useful things to pack include: camera, binoculars, sunglasses, sun caps, sunscreen and mosquito repellent. Be prepared for dusty conditions and carry your clothes and accessories in dustproof bags. Do not tend to buy things made of ivory. You may not be allowed to transport them through customs at home. It is also good to discourage trade in ivory products that keep fishermen active.

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